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Pretty Baby

by Stephen Douglas Wolfe feat. SImplelife

O pretty baby, don't go away. 
Stay here and save me just one more day. 
'Cuz baby I need you just to get by. 
Now that I've found you I'll stay alive

For every mistake I'm bound to make, 
I would hope that you'll forgive me all the way
I want you to know that I won't go away
As long as you stay

So pretty baby stay by my side. 
Until the day we fall from the sky. 
'Cuz I'm goin nowhere that you can't come along. 
When you're with me I can do no wrong.


released December 25, 2015
Recorded in Studio C at Subcat Studios, Syracuse, NY. 
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Steve Brown. 
Harmonies performed by Michael Frisina, Ben Sumner, and Brett Hobin of Simplelife. 
Music, Lyrics, and Lead Vocals by SDW